Handle zip, arj, rar, ace, cab, lzh, tar files without the need for 2, 3 or more programs. Solve your problems in just minutes from now...

"How to Handle All the Different Compressed files on Internet Without Expensive or Hard to Use Software"

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From: Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom

Update for february 2013.
Zipey Pro has not been updated for a number of years. It will still work as advertised for most people (using windows) and is a quite nice piece of software. It has not been tested on windows 8 and may in some cases work only partially on windows 7. It comes with a standard windows installer (with uninstaller) to make it easy for you to test it. Starting today (25th of february, 2013, Zipey Pro is a free download!

Handle zip, arj, rar, ace, cab, lzh, tar files and much more with this program, directly after installing it without any extra downloads, configurations or reading any difficult to understand instructions...

In the next 5 minutes as you reading the text on this site, you'll discover how to change the way you use software to handle compressed files, and how Zipey Pro will make your daily handling of zip, arj, ace, rar files, as easy as click and go!


"Unpacking your ace files, opening an rar file or creating a zip file, all these tasks will be possible in a fast and simple way when you have installed Zipey Pro."

I have been using Zipey Pro for months now and I'm very satisfied with it. It is reliable (and I didn't even encounter any problems during installation). It is fast, easy to use. And the best thing was that I could uninstall 4 other programs after installing Zipey Pro as it did the same job as all of them together!

Rodel Parocha, Australia

I started to work with computers back in 81 and have been working with PC and compatibles since 1985. During this time have I searched for, installed and used almost every compressed file utility there is.

Most of the time did I end up using winzip and/or winrar or winace to be able to handle all the compressed files.

But some 3 years ago Zipey Pro was born and more enhancements has been added for each version. But as time passed by did I get more and more tired of needing all these different programs to do the same thing.

Zipey Pro will unpack your zip, ace, arj, rar, cab files as well as many other formats . And it does that directly after installing. No need for third party add-ons or manual path searching or configuration.So here is the install and forget about it way to solve your problems.

  • Easy to install and use - Open and extract ace, arj, rar, zip and many other compressed files. All directly after installing it. No extra configuration or software needed!
  • Flexible single or multi-file extraction - Extract single or multiple files from an archive. Making things easier for you. Just extract them all at once, or selected any files you wish for extraction.
  • Creating standard (winzip compatible) zip files - Create zip files. Yes, you will be creating industry standard zip files in no time. And they will work with all other standard zip file un packers.
Having used other archiver programs including all of the top name brands, I have found that the simplicity of Zipey Pro has been it's greatest advantage. Both at home and at work I can quickly make backup files for all or any of my documents in a very short time. I am also using Zipey Pro 3.0 at work to backup and store documents and data for use in a military environment under ISO 9001:2000 control regulations. The security password protection can be used for many of the archived files of a more sensitive nature. As a simple effective utility I can recommend Zipey Pro 3.0

M.J.Norris reemove-m.j.norris@talk21.com

  • Super easy zip file creation - Drag and release zip file creation. Just select the files and/or directories you wish to include in your zip file, click right on them, drag and release. Choose create zip file and give it a name. Now you can sit back and watch the magic!
  • Drag&Drop unpacking support - Drag and Drop unpacking of zip,arj,ace,rar and more. Just right click on the compressed file, drag it where you want it to be unpacked and let go. Choose unzip from the menu and Zipey pro does the rest!
  • Create self unpacking zipfiles (sfx) - Why pay extra for this feature? It's already included. Create any number of self unpacking zipfiles and distribute them anywhere in the world, completely free of charge (no royalties whatsoever).
I recently had the good fortune AND good sense to obtain both Ziney Pro and Zipey Pro. And just like Ezine Announcer, if you're going to publish an ezine, you had better get these tools, too. And fast!"

Guy LeSage, Santa Clara, CA, USA www.lesage.com

  • Search for files inside compressed files - Now do it (without even opening the archive!). Can't remember if the program you are looking for can be found in 1.zip, 2.arj or 3.ace? Here is your savior!
  • Blazing fast Install and run - (no extra configuration needed to support all archives). No need for some degree in mechanics to install and get it up and running. Just install and it's done.
  • Skinned look - It might not make Zipey Pro do more things, but it sure does look better!

Download, install, start up and in just moments, your computer is configured by Zipey Pro. Then its downhill all the time. No having to understand what program to use or downloading several different programs for each type of compressed file.

Just imagine how it will feel to download a rar file and just double click on it knowing you have a program that handles that kind of compression.

Or, you would like to create a zip file with several files included from a directory, or even worse, a complete directory. With Zipey Pro installed this in many cases complicated task is no harder to do then to, select what should be included in the zip file, right click, drag to where you want the zipfile and let go. Choose "zip selected files", and give it a name (Zipey Pro even adds the extension .zip for you!).

Click Here To Download Zipey Pro Now

I had a *.z compressed file that was almost 400 MB. I tried several other products without any success. Zipey Pro was able to extract the compressed file and in a pretty short period of time.

Ron Warman

Just downloaded you Zipey Pro program and installed it. Very nice (very similar to WinZip one of my favorite programs as a registered user of 10 years!

Excellent I have been used to go to the command line to extract .rar .ace files but now won't have to worry about that anymore thanks to your proggie. Again excellent program and congratulations on the interface.

Craig W

Do you sell online, or just send files to other people!

Use the royalty free sfx (Self unpacking zip file format) module to create the self unpacking archives you need. No special program (except windows) needed on the receiving end. There are many different ways to configure it, if you so wish, or just click and go if speed is what you want!

Have you ever downloaded a zip, arj or rar file?

Of course you have. Who hasn't? And once you downloaded and double clicked it, you found out that windows could not do anything with it? End this problem here and now. You will feel more secure in your computer usage when you have Zipey Pro installed as you know you have a way to handle all those strange compressed files.

Zipey Pro, a small, fast and easy to use program

Zipey Pro was created to solve your problems. Easy to use, small and fast. A sleek 32 bit, hi tech program that will change the way you work with compressed files completely. It will run on all windows versions, from Win9x all the way up to Windows XP. So if your computer has the power to start, then Zipey Pro will work!

Installation of Zipey Pro is easy

Zipey Pro installs support for all the compression formats you see below. And it does this all by itself. No need to search for several other utilities, download them and make them work in a special way. The installation is done by a state of the art installation program. This program will do everything for you.

Zipey Pro unpack many formats

With the default installation Zipey Pro automatically can unpack the following file types. Ace , .arc, .arj, .bh , .cab , .gz , .z , .jar (Javasofts jar format), .lha, .lzh, .rar, .tar, .zip, .zoo, UUE/XXE encoded files.

The NEW enhanced, Zip file creation wizard

Zipey Pro has, starting with version 3.0 an enhanced zip file creation wizard.

Using it allows you to create a zipfile with the files of your choice in seconds! Fast and painless to use. And it will create a zip file of a complete directory with its content in one easy drag and click with the mouse.

Have you ever had to search for a program?

You know you had a program installed that could help you. But what was its name and where is it. Forget that problem with Zipey Pro as it automatically configures windows and becomes the preferred program to handle all compressed file formats it can handle.

Shell Explorer Integration

All you need to do to create a zip file or unpack any of the supported compressed files, is to click with your mouse and choose what to do from the pop up menu! Never again will you have to search for the program, it's there, at a click of a button!

Read more about it directly in our online help file (the same content found in the help file included with Zipey Pro).

Do you have to create a zip file?

Create standard zipfiles fast and easy! You can change a lot of settings when creating the zipfile, if you want to, or just go with the default settings.

Furthermore can you create zipfiles in the following way.

  1. Zip file creation wizard
  2. The advanced mode
  3. Right click
  4. Right click and drag&drop


32 bit, Windows software (for the techno geeks!)

Buying Zipey Pro will give you a 32 bit software created for Microsoft Windows. It has been installed and tested on W98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server and Windows Terminal Servers. There are many using windows 95 as well as NT 4 who use Zipey Pro but for it to work on these operating system will you need all new service packs installed.


Zipey Pro does not contain any kind of spyware or Adware hidden inside, so you can use Zipey Pro safely, knowing that no one is spying on you or sending information about you or your computer all around the world!

You will be taken to our download page directly after the purchase where you can download the latest version of Zipey Pro from our secure storage server.

My 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 30 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. What I'm saying is don't decide now if Zipey Pro is right for you. Try it out for one full month - RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose and a lot of money to save.

Buy Zipey Pro now and have it up and running in less then 10 minutes, with no reading manuals, learning new stuff or downloading other programs

As new features and bonuses are added, the price will be higher, so to enjoy the present low price, get your copy now.


I set the price tag to the amazingly low $9.97 and several special bonuses.

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($12.95-$29.95 Value)

System Cleaner

Unknown to many, the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer maintain files and registry settings related to ALL of your online and offline activity. Our software is designed to clean your system of all these tracks so your computer activities can remain private. You'll also find the performance of your computer may increase once you've cleaned your system You'll Be Able To Clean...

History - Internet Explorer maintains a list of every web site you visit while surfing the Internet. How many days are stored in the history cache depends on your personal settings. To clear your history cache, click the "Clear Now" button. To clear the history cache when the "Clear All" button is clicked, be sure to check the "Clear My Web site History" checkbox.

Cookies - Web sites you maintains a list of every web site you visit while surfing the Internet. How many days are stored in the history cache depends on your personal settings. To clear all cookies, click the "Clear Now" button. To clear all cookies when the "Clear All" button is clicked, be sure to check the "Clear My Web site Cookies" checkbox.

Favorites - Most of you are already familiar with favorites. These are web sites you've bookmarked so they can easily be found later. Take caution when clearing your favorites as once System Cleaner clears them they cannot be undeleted! To clear all favorites, click the "Clear Now" button. To clear all favorites when the "Clear All" button is clicked, be sure to check the "Clear My Favorite Internet Places" checkbox.

And many other things like, mru (most recent used) list, auto complete features of internet explorer and much much more.

Add to this, the included Master Resell rights (you sell a copy and keep all the money!), and you have an amazing deal right here

Free Bonus Gift #2
($9.95-$19.95 Value)

DSS Sfv utility

Create and use sfv (CRC) files with our new utility. A crc file keeps a checksum for selected files in a text file, allowing you to check at any moment to see if your data has been compromised.

This is most often used when including several files in a zip file or similar and sending them over internet. The person unpacking the files can then run a sfv program, using the included crc-file (with the crc sums for included files) and verify that no changes or corruption has taken place.

Wait no longer! Order and download your own copy of Zipey Pro now and enjoy not worrying over what program to use for unpacking the arj file, or how to open a rar file or even how do I create a zipfile with the vacation photos for my cousin.

Take action and go for the simple and low cost solution Zipey Pro is, to all these problems.

And by acting now, have you secured the low price of today.

Yes!, I want my copy of Zipey Pro and the included bonuses and I want to download them directly so I may start using them in just minutes from now!

I understand that I will receive the following,

  • Zipey Pro, the newest version
  • The System Cleaner
  • The DSS sfv software (for crc check of files)


Don't Miss Out On This Incredible Offer!

I just used Zipey Pro for the first time and it's great, a simple uncluttered user interface for both the advanced and novice user.

Edmund Haworth,Network Engineer,
Worcester College of Technology

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Best of Success,

Kenth "The Designer" Nasstrom

PS. Go ahead and get your copy now! You'll be up and running in minutes.